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U  N  I  Q  U  E    P  R  O  T  E  C  T  I  O  N

IGLA 200 / 231

This anti-theft system is mainly characterized by blocking the engine with intelligent algorithms, overriding the activation systems, making the vehicle depend 100% on IGLA to start.

IGLA can be configured in workshop mode, to be able to leave the car in the hands of another user and he can start it without problems and without having knowledge of the system. Depending on the vehicle, the IGLA anti-theft system may offer different additional functions such as automatic window closing and folding of the mirrors.

Price € 695;- incl. tax and installation

IGLA's GPS Geolocator is an innovative GSM / GPS tracker that is used to determine the location of your car through the mobile application on your Smartphone. The tracker can be controlled via the mobile app for iOS and Android or by sending SMS commands.

An external output from the tracker allows you to remotely start additional devices (such as the navigator or dash cam). An external input allows the car owner to be informed about the status change of the vehicle's units and systems or the alarm triggering.

The GSM / IGLA GPS Locator can be completed with the IGLA anti-theft system and the AUTOSTART module to provide additional security for the car and remote engine start.

Price: € 395;- incl. tax and installation

The IGLA PRO anti-theft system is the most secure system to protect your vehicle against any attempted theft. Device that allows total security on your vehicle. The device has double channel installation, and is our top safe system. This device works with 12 and 24 volts, making it perfect also for vehicles such as trucks. IGLA is the smallest system on the market, therefore it will be impossible to detect and its tightness makes it resistant to water and temperature changes. It´s impossible to use the vehicle without your consent, it will only be started by means of a programmed sequence using the vehicle's own buttons, a presence key fob or the smartphone application.

The inhibition of the vehicle start is carried out from the electronics of your vehicle. In addition, IGLA PRO is compatible with all the products in the IGLA range and offers additional functions together with other systems, such as IGLA GPS, in which, in addition to geolocation, it offers uplift and impact warnings thanks to its built-in gyroscope. 

Price: € 965;- incl. tax and installation

IGLA AUTOSTART is a universal device that can be used for: OEM Immobilizer Keyless KeyLess, Remote Engine Start Module, Webasto Remote Activation Module

The AUTOSTART system allows you to warm the engine and car interior in cold weather as well as cooling the interior on hot days before the trip. In some vehicles you can control the pre-installed Webasto engine heater. The device allows the engine to be started with the standard car key, the Android mobile app or additional devices such as an additional alarm system or a GSM module .

Price: € 495;- incl. tax and installation

N E X T  G E N E R A T I O N  C A R  A N T I - T H E F T  S Y S T E M 

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"IGLA feels safe and easy to use"

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"I just got the car, and I do not compromise on safety, so I chose IGLA"

Jimmy -

As a car dealer, there is only one choice for maximum car theft protection. IGLA "

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