Warranty and general conditions for installation of IGLA product.

Once you have had one of our products installed in your vehicle, we provide a 3-year warranty on the product and installation.


The warranty covers product and installation defects. Should an error occur in the software within the warranty period, we will correct it free of charge. We are insured against any damage to customer car in connection with installation.


Each customer is responsible for ensuring that the vehicle as a whole is in good condition before installing our product. The customer takes full responsibility for the vehicle being changed and inspected and registered with the new product.

In case of suspicion of errors in connection with the installation, IGLA-TECH AB must be contacted first.

The customer may not assemble / disassemble or in any way change the installation.

If this happens, the warranty will end.

As soon as we have received your order, a receipt / confirmation will automatically be sent to the specified email address. This receipt contains an order number as well as the items ordered, price, etc. Should anything be incorrect regarding your order, please contact us immediately:

Terms and Conditions

If an appointment is canceled with less than 24 hours to the agreed time, SEK 500;- will be charged.
If the customer does not arrive at the agreed time without notifying this, SEK 1000;- will be charged.
IGLA-TECH AB does not stand for loan car unless otherwise agreed.
IGLA-TECH AB does not stand for lost earnings or time in connection with installation.
IGLA-TECH AB is not responsible for travel costs in connection with installation.


When you choose to have one of our products installed, we print an installation certificate which is also a warranty certificate. This ensures that IGLA-TECH AB guarantees the delivery of a high-quality, safe and reliable product.

The installation certificate must accompany the vehicle.

Restoration or transfer of systems to another vehicle is possible.